Dr.Philip is presently a Director General of Police, Tamil Nadu, with a thirty three year impeccable service record. While a young Assistant Superintendent of Police from the 1987 batch of the Indian Police Service, he survived a near-death by drowning. Following that he is also the survivor of the world’s first ‘human bomb’ assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi. The humanitarian kindness he received from a young citizen of humble means in the aftermath of this traumatic incident, led him to birth the ‘Friends of Police’ Movement.​

The Movement has been granted recognition both by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Award for Innovation in Police Training and Development in 2002, and as recently as the SKOCH Gold Award 2019.

He was the first senior Civil Servant in India to receive the Gurukul Chevening Scholarship for Leadership and Excellence, to study globalisation at the London School of Economics. There he conceptualised the new global discipline – Excenomics, the world’s first interdisciplinary study of Excellence.

Unceasing in innovation, Dr.Philip has also created the unique thought process – Equilibrium Thinking. Eqthinking is a holistic alternative to Positive and Lateral Thinking. It contains two parallel threads. ‘Be at it’, the continuous reinforcement of positives and strengths; and ‘Beat it’, the negation of negatives.


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